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Tools for Thriving

Workshop Series

The length of each workshop is 120 minutes.

Workshop I: Being You – Connecting thoughts, feelings, and emotions

Objective: Participants will explore and connect their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Victims of domestic abuse often disconnect from their feelings and ignore their emotions. The result leads to numbness and an inability to act based upon sound decision-making.

Workshop II: Being True to Yourself –Self-Image and Ideal Self

Objective: Participants will identify and reflect upon the thoughts they have about themselves. They will gain insight into the development of their emotional health by exploring their self-image, acknowledging strengths and weaknesses, and visualizing their ability to meet their real potential. A woman of domestic abuse requires a vision of herself as an empowered person.

Workshop III: Past Messages – Words Spoken and Unspoken

Objective: Participants will identify and reflect upon messages they believe they have received in the family home. Spoken and unspoken messages will be explored. Participants will evaluate these messages for their truthfulness. New messages will be created that are true today.

Workshop IV: Shame – Overcoming Shame and Developing Empathy

Participants will identify, feel, and share a time when they felt ashamed. They will practice the demonstration of empathy for themselves and fellow participants. Participants will recognize the difference between shame and guilt. They will explore the benefits of healing shame.

Workshop V: Types of Domestic Abuse – No Secrets Allowed

Objective: Participants will identify and discuss five types of domestic abuse. Using the presenter’s abuse experiences, they will classify and compare/contrast these experiences with their own experiences. Participants will explore the beliefs and behaviors that allow abuse.  Participants will participate in a 5- minute meditation to help release the negative feelings.

Workshop VI: Discernment – Power to See Beyond the Obvious

Objective: Participants will explore some early warning signs of an abusive relationship. They will connect these signs with their own experiences. Participants will practice forgiving themselves for not knowing these signs in the past. They will use these signs to alert themselves when beginning new relationships.  They will teach others the signs. Participants will develop three ways to disengage from a future relationship upon seeing a warning sign.

Workshop VII: Self-Empowerment– Claiming Your Value Through Spirituality

Objective: Participants will make short and long-term goals for themselves. They will discard a past internal belief system that produced powerlessness and helplessness. They will explore the role of daily spiritual practices in their lives. They will embrace their true power and move on to thrive!