About Help for Abused Mothers

Help for Abused Mothers was founded by Joanne Jackson as a support system to help abused women and mothers….


Help for Abused Mothers provides support for women all over the world. Through classes, e-guides, articles, and private appointments, we are here to support you no matter what phase you are at on your healing journey.

Building Confidence

We provide tools to help you build confidence, grow self-love, and give you the support you need to flourish.


You can change your life. You can heal. You can do anything you set your mind to. You are a strong, smart, powerful woman. Through reflection, I know I can help you believe that. Please browse my Articles on the blog page to help you begin.

Our Story

Self-image is the picture you have in your mind of your abilities, your physical appearance, your values, and your personality.  It is the mental picture you have of yourself.  It is necessary to have a strong self-image in order to reach your potential in life and to raise strong, healthy children.  You owe it to yourself and your children to develop a positive self-image.

Help for Abused Mothers is a resource to help women develop a positive self-image, remove themselves from toxic environments, and THRIVE.

Meet Joanne

Meet Joanne

Founder of Help for Abused Mothers

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