About Joanne

Joanne frameAs a young mother, I often longed for the insight and wisdom of another woman who understood my experiences.  I searched in vain among the women I knew who could assist me in addressing major challenges, put them in perspective, and move on with my life.  I tried to handle major life issues, domestic abuse, child rearing, and career building the best I could with what I knew at the time.

Now that many years have passed, I can look back at my journey and realize that I have learned a lot along the way.  I am called to use my experiences and training to help young women who are struggling to survive as one whole emotional, spiritual, and physical being.

My experiences have enabled me to help others in a workshop setting.  I have prepared a series of seven workshops to help women get in touch with themselves, build confidence, improve their relationships, become better parents, and step out on the path to thriving.

Everything in my past has prepared me to help women empower themselves.  I am the proud mother of three adult children.  I raised them as a single parent.  That was not my choice, but it is what happened.  I learned a lot about children and myself while raising them.

Along my journey, I earned a BA in psychology, an MBA in marketing, and an MA in Instruction and Curriculum.  I also earned a certificate in Supervision.

In my young adult years, I lived in West and Central Africa.  I taught English to French-speaking businessmen and was the business manager for an international school.  While there, I also studied French and traveled extensively.  I met many people in local and international settings.

Upon returning to the States, I worked in corporate America before entering one of the most meaningful chapters of my life.  I became an educator for 27 years.  I taught children in grades two through five as a classroom teacher, an academic interventionist, and a gifted and talented teacher.  I also served on numerous committees to write curriculum, create a grades 3-5 progress report, write parent handbooks, and to interview potential teachers and administrators.   I also participated in numerous workshops to enhance my craft and give my best to children and colleagues. Additionally, during many summers, I worked as a trainer for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.

My wide range of experiences and continuous studies have prepared me to share with others the insight and tools needed to overcome barriers and claim life purposes.