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Help for Abused Mothers is a local and online learning opportunity to help mothers who are or were in abusive relationships learn tools to help them go from surviving to thriving.


I am so happy that you arrived here! My name is Joanne, and I am the creator of this website. Please watch my video to learn more about me and Help for Abused Mothers!

Be the Change


Recent Articles

Self-Esteem for Abused Mothers

The importance of high self-esteem has been minimized over the past years.  As an educator, I remember when teachers were told to make children feel good about themselves – boost their self- esteem.  However, after so many Great Job and You are terrific messages,...


  In the past, I found it rather perplexing whenever I read Mark 12:31 in the Bible which states, “The second is this, Have love for your neighbor as for yourself.  There is no other law greater than these.”  (BBE)  This verse assumes that you love yourself....


    While sorting through old photos, I came across a photo of me with two of my three children.  The youngest was not yet born.  I looked at the image of the younger me.  She looked so beautiful and smart.  Had I not known any better, I would have thought...

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